Ichikawa Aratar˘ I

The actor Ichikawa Aragor˘ IV held the name of Ichikawa Aratar˘ I from 1875 to August 1907.

Ichikawa Aratar˘ I playing the role of Shigaraki Tar˘ in the drama "Moritsuna Jin'ya", which was staged in May 1890 at the Shintomiza (print made by K˘ch˘r˘ H˘sai)

Ichikawa Aratar˘ II
Ichikawa Aratar˘ II  In Japanese | Ichikawa Yasutar˘  In Japanese

Born in ďsaka the 23rd of November 1892. Son of Ichikawa Aratar˘ I, he made his debut on stage in 1897. He did not perform for a few years. Ichikawa Aratar˘ I and his son Ichikawa Yasutar˘ took the names of Ichikawa Aragor˘ IV and Ichikawa Aratar˘ II in ďsaka at the Bentenza. The new Aratar˘ played the role of Hatsugiku in the drama "My˘shinji". He shared the stage, along with his father, with Ichikawa Danz˘ VII, Kataoka Gad˘ IV, Arashi Rikaku IV, Arashi Gansh˘ and Arashi Kichisabur˘ VI. He left the Kabuki world to join the movie world in 1924. He died the 5th of December 1925.

Honmy˘ Haimy˘ Yag˘
Ichikawa Yasunosuke Gand˘ Mikawaya

Ichikawa Aratar˘ II

Ichikawa Aratar˘ III
Ichikawa Aratar˘ III  In Japanese | Ichikawa Tamatar˘  In Japanese | Ichikawa Gand˘  In Japanese | Ichikawa Takeo  In Japanese

Born in ďsaka in 1912. Son of Ichikawa Aragor˘ IV, he made his debut on stage in 1917. His first stage name was Ichikawa Takeo (his real name). He took the name of Ichikawa Gand˘ in January 12928. After the death of his father in 1930, he became a disciple of Band˘ Jusabur˘ III and took the name of Ichikawa Tamatar˘. He entered the movie world the same year, working for the Teikoku Kinema Engei studio. He went back on stage in 1933 and joined a Shinpa troupe in 1937. He finally took the name of Ichikawa Aratar˘ III in March 1940 at the Nakaza. He left the Sh˘chiku Company in January 1942 and died the 17th of April 1948.

Honmy˘ Haimy˘ Yag˘
Ichikawa Takeo Gand˘ Mikawaya

Ichikawa Aratar˘ III

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