Nakamura Ganjirô I

Nakamura Ganjirô I held this name from March 1878 to February 1935.

Nakamura Ganjirô I playing the role of Fujiya Izaemon in the drama "Kuruwa Bunshô", which was staged in January 1910 at the Nakaza

Nakamura Ganjirô II

The actor Nakamura Ganjirô II held this name from January 1947 to April 1983.

Nakamura Ganjirô II playing the role of the evil Yashio in the drama "Date no Jûyaku" (illustration courtesy of RANCHUROW (2009) all rights reserved)

Nakamura Ganjirô III

The actor Sakata Tôjûrô IV held the name of Nakamura Ganjirô III from November 1990 to December 2005.

Nakamura Ganjirô III playing the role of Kamiya Jihê in the drama "Shigure no Kotatsu" in a print made by Tsuruya Kôkei in 1996 (print courtesy of Ted Jagoda)

Nakamura Ganjirô IV

The actor Nakamura Ganjirô IV is the current holder of the name since January 2015.

The mon of Nakamura Ganjirô IV

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