Ôtani Hirotarô I

The actor Nakamura Jakuemon IV held the name of Ôtani Hirotarô I from December 1927 to February 1948.

Ôtani Hirotarô I playing the role of Ôboshi Rikiya in the drama "Kanadehon Chûshingura", which was staged in June 1935 at the Shinbashi Enbujô

Ôtani Hirotarô II

The actor Ôtani Tomoemon VIII held the name of Ôtani Hirotarô II from February 1959 to August 1964.

Ôtani Hirotarô III

The actor Ôtani Hirotarô III is the current holder of the name since January 2003.

The mon of Ôtani Hirotarô III

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