Playwright/real name:

Suzuki Senzabur˘ In Japanese

Others names:

Toshimaya Shűjin In Japanese
Izu Misabur˘ In Japanese

Existence: 10 May 1893 ~ 6 October 1924


Master: Okamura Shik˘


10 May 1893: born in T˘ky˘ in the district of Aoyama.

1913: disciple of the writer/poet Mizuno Y˘shű, he was selected at a prize-winning drama competition sponsored by the company Mitsukoshi Gofukuten [1]. His talent was acknowledged by Matsui Sh˘y˘ and, upon his recommendation, he became a disciple of Okamura Shik˘.

1916: Senzabur˘ resigned from the Insurance Company where he was employed, following the advice of Okamura Shik˘, and started working for the publishing company Genbunsha.

February 1923: premiere with a Kabuki casting [2] at the Ichimuraza of Suzuki Senzabur˘'s drama "Jirokichi Zange" [more details].

August 1924: "Ikite-iru Koheiji", his last work, was published.

6 October 1924: Senzabur˘ died in the city of ďiso, where he lived temporarily for medical treatment.

June 1925: premiere at the Shinbashi Enbuj˘ of Suzuki Senzabur˘'s drama "Ikite-iru Koheiji" [more details].


Suzuki Senzabur˘ was a playwright and an editor of the Taish˘ era, who unfortunately died too young. Two of his Shinkabuki dramas are still in the Kabuki repertoire: "Ikite-iru Koheiji" and "Jirokichi Zange".

[1] Nowadays the Mitsukoshi Group.

[2] It was also premiered with a non-Kabuki casting the same month in T˘ky˘ in a different theater.

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