The Actors Segawa Kikunojô I as Ochiyo and Nakamura Shichisaburô II as Hanbei in the play “Higashiyama Gojitsu Yaoya Hanbei,” performed at the Nakamura Theater in the eighth month, 1744
Artist: Torii Kiyonobu II
Date: 1744
The Art Institute of Chicago (print in the public domain)

The actors Nakamura Shichisaburô II and Nakamura Tomijûrô I playing the roles of Sukeroku and the courtesan Agemaki in the play "Imosedori Meisho no Yûgure", which was staged in the 7th lunar month of 1753 at the Nakamuraza (print made by Torii Kiyohiro)

Nakamura Shôchô playing the role of Sasaki Moritsuna in Nakamura Jûsuke II's new year drama "Haru ha Soga Akebono Zôshi", which was staged in the 1st lunar month of 1772 at the Nakamuraza

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