Nakamura Tsuruz˘ I

The actor Nakamura Nakaz˘ III held the name of Nakamura Tsuruz˘ I from the 11th lunar month of 1818 to the 8th lunar month of 1865.

Nakamura Tsuruz˘ I portraying Maboroshi no Ch˘kichi in a print made by Utagawa Kunisada II in the 10th lunar month of 1863

Nakamura Tsuruz˘ II

The actor Nakamura Tsuruz˘ II held this name from the 2nd lunar month of 1867 to April 1890.

Nakamura Tsuruz˘ II and Iwai Matsunosuke IV playing the roles of a house-owner and the courtesan Katsuragi in the "Sanza R˘taku" act of the drama "Nuretsubame Hiyoku no Inazuma", which was staged in May 1886 at the Ichimuraza (print made by Y˘shű Chikanobu)

Nakamura Tsuruz˘ III
Nakamura Tsuruz˘ III  In Japanese | Ichikawa Kimiz˘  In Japanese | Nakamura Kamematsu I  In Japanese

Born the 15th of October 1884. First son of the rakugo storyteller Katsura Eiga. He started his career as a disciple of the zamoto Nakamura Kanzabur˘ XIII. He made his debut on stage in March 1896 at the Meijiza, where he received the name of Nakamura Kamematsu I. He became a disciple of Ichikawa Ennosuke I and received the name of Ichikawa Kimiz˘ in July 1897. He took the name of Nakamura Tsuruz˘ III at the Meijiza in May 1911, playing two roles in the drama "Imoseyama Onna Teikin". This supporting katakiyaku actor died the 2nd of July 1932. He was the elder brother of Nakamura Tsuruz˘ IV.

Honmy˘ Haimy˘ Yag˘
Kirigaya Eijir˘ Shűkaku Maizuruya

Nakamura Tsuruz˘ III playing the role of the boatman Jinbei in the drama "Sakura Giminden"

Nakamura Tsuruz˘ IV
Nakamura Tsuruz˘ IV  In Japanese | Nakamura Kamematsu II  In Japanese

Born in 1899. Second son of the rakugo storyteller Katsura Eiga. He made his debut in May 1911 at the Meijiza, where he received the name of Nakamura Kamematsu II (while his brother took the name of Nakamura Tsuruz˘ III). He took part in the founding of the Zenshinza troupe, alongside with Kawarasaki Ch˘jűr˘ IV and Nakamura Kan'emon III. He finally took the name of Nakamura Tsuruz˘ IV in November 1933. He died the 7th of December 1945, before the end of his 40s just like his elder brother. He was the father of Nakamura Tsuruz˘ V.

Honmy˘ Yag˘
Kirigaya Gonzabur˘ Maizuruya

Nakamura Tsuruz˘ IV playing the role of the bonze Hakuunb˘ in the drama "Narukami"

Nakamura Tsuruz˘ V
Nakamura Tsuruz˘ V  In Japanese | Nakamura Kimiz˘  In Japanese | Nakamura Tsurumatsu I  In Japanese

Born in T˘ky˘ the 17th of April 1925. Son of Nakamura Tsuruz˘ IV, he made his debut in March 1932 at the Ichimuraza, where he received the name of Nakamura Tsurumatsu I and played the role of Omatsu in the drama "Sanzes˘ Nishiki Bunsh˘". He joined the Zenshinza troupe in March 1943, took the name of Nakamura Kimiz˘ in February 1944 and was acknowledged as an official and regular member of the troupe in April 1945. He finally took the name of Nakamura Tsuruz˘ V in February 1954. His best roles were Kanpera Monbŕ ("Sukeroku"), R˘en ("Gojű no T˘"), Tanzaemon ("Shunkan"), Rokubŕ ("Gonza to Sukejű") and Iemon ("Yotsuya Kaidan"). He died the 23rd of October 2016.

Honmy˘ Yag˘
Kirigaya Kan'ichir˘ Maizuruya

Nakamura Tsuruz˘ V

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