Bandô Yasosuke I

The actor Bandô Yasosuke I held this name from the 11th lunar month of 1801 to the 5th lunar month of 1808.

Bandô Yasosuke I playing the role of Gunsuke in the drama "Futaba no Haru Kotobuki Soga", which was staged in the 1st lunar month of 1803 at the Nakamuraza (print made by Utagawa Toyokuni I)

Bandô Yasosuke 1.2

Morita Kan'ya IX held the name of Bandô Yasosuke from the 5th lunar month of 1830 to the 10th lunar month of 1838; he was never acknowledged as a regular member of the line.

Bandô Yasosuke II

The actor Bandô Mitsugorô VII held the name of Bandô Yasosuke II from October 1889 to March 1906.

Bandô Yasosuke II playing the role of Kamechiyo in the drama "Hototogisu Date no Kikigaki", which was staged in October 1889 at the Kiriza

Bandô Yasosuke III

The actor Bandô Mitsugorô VIII held the name of Bandô Yasosuke III from January 1913 to May 1928.

Bandô Yasosuke III playing the role of Takatsuna's son Koshirô in the drama "Moritsuna Jin'ya", which was staged in February 1917 at the Ichimuraza

Bandô Yasosuke IV

The actor Bandô Mitsugorô IX held the name of Bandô Yasosuke IV from April 1955 to August 1962.

Bandô Yasosuke V

The actor Bandô Mitsugorô X held the name of Bandô Yasosuke V from September 1962 to December 2000.

Bandô Yasosuke V playing the role of Tarôkaja in the dance-drama "Bô Shibari"
in an illustration made by Tsuruya Kôkei in 1998
Print courtesy of Ted Jagoda

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