Stage names:

Uemura Kichiya I In Japanese
Yamamura Kichiya In Japanese

Others names:

Uemura Kichizaemon In Japanese
Kamimura Kichiya I In Japanese
Uemonjiya Kichizaemon In Japanese

Nickname: ďkichiya [1]

Line number: SHODAI (I)

Existence: ???


Master: Sait˘ Yogor˘ (an ďsaka d˘kegata)

Adopted son: Uemura Kichiya II


3rd lunar month of 1677: Kichiya went on tour to Edo, performing at the Nakamuraza.

1680: Kichiya retired and took the name of Uemura Kichizaemon. Later on, he opened a cosmetic powders shop in Ky˘to, along the Shij˘ avenue, and managed it under the name of Uemonjiya Kichizaemon.

1st lunar month of 1681: publication in Ky˘to of a special hy˘banki, mixing actors and courtesans in couples: Kichiya was associated to a courtesan named Kokonoe.


Uemura Kichiya I was an outstanding dancer, who was considered as the most representative onnagata in Ky˘to, along with Ogino Kodayű II, during the Kanbun and Enp˘ eras. He deviced for the stage a new way for to tie the belt (obi) of his kimono: he used a wide and long obi, which he tied in a bow. It was said that his fans went wild and started to wear their obi in the same fastening-style, which was called kichiya musubi. It quickly became the latest fashion for women in Japan big cities. After retirement, Uemura Kichiya I became a prosperous shop-owner.

[1] The Grand Kichiya.

Uemura Kichiya I in "Yakusha Hakkei" (1680)

The Uemura (Kamimura) Kichiya line of actors

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