Band˘ Kitsujűr˘ I

Dates of birth and death unknown. He was the Ichimuraza t˘dori for several decades and the father of both Band˘ Sanpachi IV and Azuma Ichinoj˘ I. He was also the adoptive father of Band˘ Kitsujűr˘ II.

The name of Band˘ Kitsujűr˘ I in the 1841 Edo hy˘banki, t˘dori section (the zone within the red box)

Band˘ Kitsujűr˘ II
Band˘ Kitsujűr˘ II  In Japanese | Band˘ Sanpachi V  In Japanese | Band˘ Kitsunosuke I  In Japanese | Band˘ Habuhachi  In Japanese | In Japanese
Band˘ Aiz˘ II  In Japanese

Born in 1838. Disciple of Ichimura Uzaemon XII, his first stage name was Band˘ Aiz˘ II and he started his career around 1843 at the Ichimuraza, where he performed as a koyaku. He was adopted by Band˘ Kitsujűr˘ I, a t˘dori at the Ichimuraza. He took the name of Band˘ Habuhachi (two different ways to write Habuhachi) in 1849. He became tachiyaku in 1854. He took the name of Band˘ Kitsunosuke I in 1858. He took the name of Band˘ Sanpachi V in the 3rd lunar month of 1860 at the Ichimuraza, where he performed in the drama "Kagamiyama Gonichi no Iwafuji". His adoptive father died during the Genji era (1864~1865) and Sanpachi settled in Ry˘goku, where he performed in koshibai. He was zagashira at the Kish˘za in 1875. In August 1879, this theater reopened as the Hisamatsuza and he became its t˘dori, taking the name of Band˘ Kitsujűr˘ II. During the 1880s, he became a mainstay in koshibai like the H˘raiza in Fukagawa or the Nigiwaiza in Yokohama. He died the 3rd of September 1891. His yag˘ was Yamatoya.

The name of Band˘ Kitsujűr˘ II in a 1879 Hisamatsuza yakuwari banzuke (the zone within the red box)

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