Play title Sakura Shigure  In Japanese
Author Takayasu Gekkô

The drama "Sakura Shigure" was premiered in December 1906 at the Minamiza [casting].


"Sakura Shigure" is made up of 2 acts (4 scenes).

Key words Shinkabuki

Haiya Shôyű, an old merchant angry with his son Saburôbę for an affair with Yoshinodayű, a belle of the gay quarter, expels him from home. Shifting for himself, the son and the woman he loves begin life together in a cottage. The father happens to pass that way one day, and is caught in a shower. He seeks shelter within the humble cottage, but does not know that he is accepting the hospitality of his despised daughter-in-law, who is now named Otoku. She prepares ceremonial tea for him, he is struck with her accomplishments and good manners, and when he discovers that she is the wife of his son, a reconciliation is effected.

Source: Zoë Kincaid

Haiya Saburôbę

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