Play title Akutarô  In Japanese
Authors Okamura Shikô
Kineya Sakichi IV (music)
Hanayagi Jusuke II (choreography)

The matsubamemono "Akutarô" was premiered in June 1924 at the Ichimuraza [more details].

Key words Shosagoto
En'ô Jûshu

Akutarô (literally a bad boy in Japanese), the nephew of the daimyô Yasuki Matsunojô, is a heavy drinker who conducts himself very badly when drunk. One day, the drunk Akutarô threatens his uncle with a Japanese halberd to get some sake to drink. Fortunately for Matsunojô, Akutarô is very inebriated and he decides to go home, walking with the priest Chirenbô. He dances a part of the famous dance-drama "Funa Benkei" and collapses in the arms of Morpheus. The uncle takes the advantage of the situation to play a trick on Akutarô, with the help of his servant Tarôkaja, removing the halberd, shaving his nephew and dressing him with some bonze clothes. When Akutarô wakes up, he believes he was sent to kingdom come. Comical dances follow!

Ichikawa Ennosuke II playing the main role of the dance "Akutarô" (print made by Ôta Masamitsu)

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