Bandô Momotarô I

The actor Bandô Hikozaemon II held the name of Bandô Momotarô I from before 1784 to the 11th lunar month of 1801.

Bandô Momotarô II
Bandô Momotarô II  In Japanese

Dates of birth and death unknown. Son of Bandô Hikozaemon I and brother of Bandô Hikozaemon II, he made his debut on stage in the 11th lunar month of 1803 at the Kawarasakiza, where he received the name of Bandô Momotarô II and performed as a koyaku actor. He became katakiyaku but did not really achieve any fame for himself. His name was recorded in an Edo hyôbanki for the last time in 1837. No record afterwards.

Bandô Momotarô II (left) inside the backstages of the Moritaza in a print made by Utagawa Kunisada I in 1812

Bandô Momotarô 2.3
Bandô Momotarô  In Japanese

An obscure actor held the name of Bandô Momotarô from 1852 to 1855.

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