Ôtani Bunzô I

The actor Ôtani Hiroji II held the name of Ôtani Bunzô I from an unknown date to the 10th lunar month of 1736.

Ôtani Bunzô II
Ôtani Bunzô II  In Japanese | Ôtani Monjirô  In Japanese

Born the 16th of September 1903. He started his career in koshibai in October 1908, in Asakusa at the Tokiwaza, where he performed under the name of Shiina Mitsutane. He became a disciple of Ôtani Tomoemon VI and received the name of Ôtani Monjirô in May 1925. He took the name of Ôtani Bunzô II, a name not held for 233 years, in August 1959, in Ôsaka at the Nakaza, where he performed in "Muhômatsu no Isshô", "Musume Dôjôji" and "Taki no Shiraito". He appeared on stage for the last time in May 1969, at the National Theatre, where he played the role of Gonshichi in "Katsuragawa Renri no Shigarami". He died the 17th July of 1969.

Yagô Honmyô
Akashiya Shiina Toyokichi

The mon of Ôtani Bunzô II

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