Stage names:

Jitsukawa Gakujűr˘ I
Asao Gakujűr˘
Asao Yűjir˘ I
Nakamura Yaoz˘
Asao Yaoz˘

Guild: Izutsuya

Line number: SHODAIME(I)

Poetry name: Enjaku

Existence: 1782 ~ 4th day of the 11th lunar month of 1835


Masters: Asao Kuzaemon I, Nakamura Nakaz˘ II

Adopted sons: Jitsukawa Yűjir˘ I, Jitsukawa Gakujűr˘ II

Disciples: Jitsukawa Yaoz˘, Asao Kuzaemon III

Family map: the Jitsukawa Clan


1795: he starts his career in ďsaka as a disciple of Asao Kuzaemon I, who gives him the name of Asao Yaoz˘.

1796: he becomes disciple of Nakamura Nakaz˘ II and takes the name of Nakamura Yaoz˘.

11th lunar month of 1796: Nakamura Nakaz˘ II dies.

1809: Yaoz˘ goes back to his first master and he takes the name of Asao Yűjir˘ I.

1st lunar month of 1810: Yűjir˘ goes to Edo and plays at the Moritaza 2 roles in the drama "Hachijin Shugo no Honj˘".

3rd lunar month of 1817: premiere at the Kawarasakiza of Tsuruya Nanboku IV's masterpiece "Sakura Hime Azuma Bunsh˘"; Yűjir˘ plays the role of the yakko Gunsuke [casting].

1818: Yűjir˘ goes back to Kamigata.

6th lunar month of 1821: Katsu Hy˘z˘ I's drama "Kachi Zum˘ Ukina no Hanabure", commonly called "Shirafuji Genta", is revived for the first time, 11 years and 3 months after its premiere in Edo, in Ky˘to at the Kitagawa no Shibai; Yűjir˘ plays the role of Tsugawa Mondo [casting].

1st lunar month of 1822: he receives the patronage of the star Nakamura Utaemon III; Asao Yűjir˘ I takes the name of Asao Gakujűr˘, playing in the drama "Keisei Somewake Tazuna", which is produced at the Naka no Shibai by the zamoto Asao Yosabur˘.

8th lunar month of 1824: his master Asao Kuzaemon I dies.

1st lunar month of 1827: Gakujűr˘'s rank in the Kamigata hy˘banki, tachiyaku section, is j˘-j˘-kichi (superior - superior - excellent) [visual].

1st lunar month of 1830: Gakujűr˘'s rank in the Kamigata hy˘banki, tachiyaku section, is itaru-j˘-j˘-kichi (unique - superior - superior - excellent). He is also the kanjiku for tachiyaku actors.

1st lunar month of 1833: Asao Gakujűr˘ and Asao Enzabur˘ take the respective names of Jitsukawa Gakujűr˘ I and Jitsukawa Enzabur˘ I. This is the foundation of the Jitsukawa clan. Gakujűr˘ plays at the Naka no Shibai the roles of Yokoyama Tar˘, Ashikaga Yoshimasa, Yorozuya Ch˘bŕ and Hosokawa Masamoto in the drama "Hime Kurabe Futabae Z˘shi", which is produced by Arashi Takejir˘. Gakujűr˘'s rank in the Kamigata hy˘banki, tachiyaku section, is (shiro)˘-j˘-j˘-kichi (almost grand - superior - superior - excellent).

3rd lunar month of 1835: Gakujűr˘ achieves a great success by playing at the Naka no Shibai the roles of Kan Sh˘j˘ and Takebe Genz˘ in the classic "Sugawara Denju Tenarai Kagami".

7th lunar month of 1835: Gakujűr˘ plays at the Kado no Shibai 4 roles in the drama "Genpei Nunobiki no Taki".

10th lunar month of 1835: Gakujűr˘ suddenly falls ill and dies in ďsaka in the 11th lunar month. His tombstone is located in the cemetery of the Honsh˘ji Temple in the district of Tanimachi.


Jitsukawa Gakujűr˘ I was a talented tachiyaku, who started his career in ďsaka minor theaters (hama shibai), spent 8 years in Edo and became one of the best zagashira in Kamigata. He excelled in wagotoshi, jitsugotoshi and bud˘goto roles. He was also able to play wakaonnagata roles.

Jitsukawa Gakujűr˘ I was the founder of the Jitsukawa clan.

Jitsukawa Gakujűr˘ I playing the role of Tsuji Y˘suke in the drama "Keisei Hanabusa Z˘shi", which was staged in the 1st lunar month of 1835 at the Naka no Shibai (print made by Hokuei)

Print made by Shunshosai Hokuch˘ in 1829

Print made by Utagawa Shigeharu in 1831

The Asao Yűjir˘ line of actors

The Jitsukawa Gakujűr˘ line of actors

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