The actors Fujikawa Kinjűr˘ (top/1st from left), Onoe Sodenosuke (top/2nd from left), Yamamura Kazaemon (top/2nd from right), Yamamura Utanosuke (top/1st from right), Murayama Heijűr˘ II (bottom/1st from left), Miyazaki Giheita (bottom/2nd from left), Yamatoyama Jinzaemon I (bottom/2nd from right) and Kikukawa Kiyotar˘ I (bottom/1st from right) playing the roles of Sh˘suke, Rintar˘, Jibudayű's son Shinohara Gekinoj˘, Princess Take, the bashi Washinosuke, the bashi Gonz˘, the motoyuiya Ky˘suke (in reality Goinosuke) and Princess Sawa in the kaomise drama "Genj˘raku Biwa no ďumi", which was staged in the 11th lunar month of 1717 in Ky˘to at Ebisuya Kichir˘bŕ's theater

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