Ichikawa Shinsha 0.1

The actor Kanô Hinasuke III held the name of Ichikawa Shinsha in 1838.

Ichikawa Shinsha I

The actor Ichikawa Monnosuke V held the name of Ichikawa Shinsha I from the 1st lunar month of 1845 to the 1st lunar month of 1870.

Ichikawa Shinsha I playing the role of Samon's daughter Omine in the new year sogamono drama "Tanomimasu Soga no Kamigaki", which was staged in the3rd lunar month of 1859 at the Moritaza (print made by Utagawa Toyokuni III)

Ichikawa Shinsha II

The actor Ichikawa Komazô XI held the name of Ichikawa Shinsha II from October 1981 to March 1994.

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