Stage names:

Yamatoya Jinbŕ III In Japanese
Yamatoya T˘kichi In Japanese

Guild: Yamatoya

Line number: SANDAIME (III)

Existence: ??? ~ ???


Father: Yamatoya Jinbŕ II

Elder brother: Yamatoya Jinnosuke


10th lunar month of 1701: T˘kichi achieved a great success in Ky˘to by playing the role of Senji in the drama "Imay˘ N˘ Ky˘gen", produced by his father Yamatoya Jinbŕ II for the nadai Hayagumo Ch˘dayű.

11th lunar month of 1701: T˘kichi became zamoto, working in Ky˘to with the nadai Ebisuya Kichir˘bŕ.

1st lunar month of 1702: T˘kichi was the kanjiku for wakashugata actors. He achieved a great success by playing in the drama "ďt˘-no-Miya Kumano Ochi".

11th lunar month of 1702: T˘kichi successfully produced the drama "Ky˘ Morohaku ďmu no Sakazuki" at Hayagumo Ch˘dayű's theater.

1st lunar month of 1703: T˘kichi achieved a great success by playing the roles of Monju Tar˘ and Sengen Tokubŕ in the dramas "Miyako no Eh˘" and "Keisei Mitsu no Kuruma".

1st lunar month of 1704: T˘kichi played the leading role of a sanbas˘ dance, which was performed in Ky˘to within the hatsu ky˘gen drama "Musume Ch˘ja Hagoita no Eawase". He also performed in the ni-no-kawari drama "Keisei Yuki no Shirayama" in which he used an original ropp˘ called "bikko ropp˘" ("a walk-with-a-limp ropp˘").

10th day of the 1st lunar month of 1704 [1]: his father Yamatoya Jinbŕ II died.

10th lunar month of 1704: Yamatoya T˘kichi took the name of Yamatoya Jinbŕ III in Ky˘to.

11th lunar month of 1704: Jinbŕ achieved a great success by performing some unusual ropp˘ in the drama "Futatsu no ďgi", which was staged in Ky˘to at Kameya Kumenoj˘'s theater.

1705 ~ 1714: his name did not appear in Kamigata major theaters' banzuke.

11th lunar month of 1715: Jinbŕ was back on stage in Ky˘to, as an actor and a zamoto working with the nadai Hoteiya Umenoj˘. He successfully produced the kaomise drama "Manp˘ Chitose no Matsu", which included a k˘j˘ commemorating the sudden death of Kataoka Nizaemon I (the speech was done by Shinozuka Jirozaemon I).

11th lunar month of 1716: Jinbŕ produced in Ky˘to at Hoteiya Umenoj˘'s theater the kaomise drama "Daikoku Tenjin Fukuju Musume", in which he played the role of Biwanosuke.

1st lunar month of 1717: Jinbŕ appeared on stage for the last time, in Ky˘to, playing the role of Seijir˘ in the drama "Keisei Asahiyama". His rank in the Ky˘to hy˘banki, tachiyaku section, was j˘-j˘-kichi (superior - superior - excellent) [visual].

1734: Jinbŕ's name appeared in the banzuke of a Kabuki program which was produced by Onogawa Sennosuke in Nagoya in the precinct of the Seijuin temple.

1st lunar month of 1735: Jinbŕ's name appeared in the Ky˘to hy˘banki; the comment was "Yamatoya Jinbŕ, a name we remember with nostalgia".


Yamatoya Jinbŕ III was a talented wakashugata and tachiyaku actor, who spent most of his career in Ky˘to. His fields of excellence were wagoto and nuregoto. He was also Yamatoya Jinbŕ II's worthy heir in the use of ropp˘.

[1] The 10th day of the 1st lunar month of the 17th year of the Genroku era was the 14th of February 1704 in the western calendar.

Yamatoya Jinbŕ III playing the role of Biwanosuke in the kaomise drama "Daikoku Tenjin Fukuju Musume", which was staged in the 11th lunar month of 1716 in Ky˘to

The Yamatoya Jinbŕ line of actors and theater managers

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