Jitsukawa Yaoz˘ 0.1

the actor Ichikawa Shinjűr˘ I held the name of Jitsukawa Yaoz˘ from the 1st lunar month of 1833 to the 10th lunar month of 1839 but he was never acknowledged as an official holder of the name.

Jitsukawa Yaoz˘ I

The actor Jitsukawa Yaoz˘ I held this name from 1863 to February 1892.

Jitsukawa Yaoz˘ I playing the role of Magoemon in the drama Shinjű Ten no Amijima, which was staged in May 1876 at the Sakaeza (ďsaka) (print made by Nakai Yoshitaki)

Jitsukawa Yaoz˘ 1.2
Jitsukawa Yaoz˘  In Japanese

A minor actor held the name of Jitsukawa Yaoz˘ in T˘ky˘ at the end of 1894 and the beginning of 1895. He performed at the Masagoza and the Asakusaza. We know almost nothing about him.

Jitsukawa Yaoz˘ II
Jitsukawa Yaoz˘ II  In Japanese | Jitsukawa Ennosuke II  In Japanese | Jitsukawa Yaosabur˘  In Japanese

Born in ďsaka in 1880. Son of Arashi Dannosuke and brother of Arashi Hirosabur˘. He was adopted by Jitsukawa Yaoz˘ I and received the name of Jitsukawa Yaosabur˘, when he started his career. He became in 1885 a disciple of Jitsukawa Enzabur˘ III, who gave him the name of Jitsukawa Ennosuke II. After the death of both his master (8 February 1888) and his adoptive father (6 February 1892), he was finally allowed to take the name of Jitsukawa Yaoz˘ II (most likely in 1897). He spent most of his career (as a wakaonnagata) in Kamigata koshibai. He died the 4th of February 1924, the same month as both his master and his adoptive father. He was quite popular and excelled in gidayű ky˘gen.

Honmy˘ Haimy˘ Yag˘
Jitsukawa Kusunosuke Ensh˘ Izutsuya

Jitsukawa Yaoz˘ II

Jitsukawa Yaoz˘ III
Jitsukawa Yaoz˘ III  In Japanese | Jitsukawa Enshi  In Japanese

Date of birth unknown. He was a disciple of Jitsukawa Enjaku II and his first stage name was Jitsukawa Enshi. He received the name of Jitsukawa Yaoz˘ III at the beginning of the Sh˘wa era. He died in 1940.

Honmy˘ Yag˘
Okabe Kazutomo Izutsuya
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