Bandô Kamesaburô I
Bandô Kamesaburô I  In Japanese

Dates of birth and death unknown. Almost an unknown actor. He was an iroko at the Moritaza and his name appeared in the Edo hyôbanki, which was published in the 1st lunar month of 1754. Nothing else was recorded about him.

The name of Bandô Kamesaburô I in the 1754 Edo hyôbanki (the zone within the red box)

Bandô Kamesaburô II
Bandô Kamesaburô II  In Japanese | Murayama Matasaburô II  In Japanese

Born in Edo in 1862. Son of Fukuchi Mohę VI and grandson of Ichimura Uzaemon XI, his first name was Kametarô. In the 9th lunar month of 1871, the Ichimuraza's debts were too heavy for Ichimura Uzaemon XIV, who decided to leave the management of the theater to Fukuchi Mohę VI. The theater was renamed Murayamaza and its new official zamoto was the young Kametarô. He took the name of Murayama Matasaburô II in the 4th lunar month of 1872 (a prestigious name not held since 1652; Murayama Matasaburô I was the founder of the first Murayamaza, which was active from 1634 to 1643). The Murayamaza management was taken over in Spring 1874 by Miyamoto Kisaburô, who decided to rename the theater Miyamotoza. He became actor (wakaonnagata) and took the name of Bandô Kamesaburô II in January 1881 but he held the name only for a few weeks as he died the 19th of February 1881.

Bandô Kamesaburô III

The actor Ichimura Uzaemon XVII held the name of Bandô Kamesaburô III from October 1921 to February 1935.

Bandô Kamesaburô III playing the role of the Mountain God in the dance-drama "Momijigari"

Bandô Kamesaburô IV

The actor Bandô Hikosaburô VIII held the name of Bandô Kamesaburô IV from June 1950 to April 1965.

Bandô Kamesaburô V

The actor Bandô Hikosaburô IX held the name of Bandô Kamesaburô V from May 1982 to April 2017.

Bandô Kamesaburô VI

The actor Bandô Kamesaburô VI is the current holder of the name since May 2017.

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