Nakamura Kashô I

The actor Nakamura Tokizô II held the name of Nakamura Kashô I from March 1902 to March 1908.

Nakamura Kashô I playing the role of Yoshitsune in the drama "Yoshitsune Senbon Zakura"
(end of the Meiji era)

Nakamura Kashô II

Born in Tôkyô the 15th of July 1925. Son of Nakamura Tokizô III and brother of Nakamura Tokizô IV, he started his career in May 1936, receiving the name of Nakamura Tanetarô III. He took the name of Nakamura Kashô II in April 1953 but some health troubles prevented him of making a great career as a Kabuki actor. He worked for the TV and died the 20th of July 1973. He posthumously received the name of Nakamura Karoku IV. He was the father of Nakamura Karoku V and Nakamura Matagorô III.

Yagô Honmyô
Harimaya Ogawa Kichio
Nakamura Kashô III

Nakamura Matagorô III held the name of Nakamura Kashô III from June 1981 to August 2011.

Nakamura Kashô IV

Nakamura Kashô IV is the current holder of the name since September 2011.

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