Bandô Takesaburô I

The actor Bandô Hikosaburô V held the name of Bandô Takesaburô I from the 1st lunar month of 1846 to the 2nd lunar month of 1856.

Bandô Takesaburô I portraying Kajiwara Genta Kagesue
in a print made by Utagawa Toyokuni III in 1852

Bandô Takesaburô II

Unknown actor

Bandô Takesaburô III
Bandô Takesaburô III  In Japanese | Bandô Ikkaku I  In Japanese

Born in Tôkyô in 1898 in the district of Honjo. Son of Bandô Hikojűrô II and eldest brother of Onoe Kikujirô IV and Nakamura Tomijűrô IV. His first stage name was Bandô Ikkaku I and he made his first appearance on stage in 1904 at the Ichimuraza. He took the name of Bandô Takesaburô III in 1915 but held it only for a few years as he died the 18th of February 1919.

Bandô Takesaburô III

Bandô Takesaburô IV

The actor Onoe Kikujirô IV held the name of Bandô Takesaburô IV from June 1919 to September 1935.

Bandô Takesaburô V

The actor Bandô Takesaburô V held this name from March 1967 to June 2022.

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