Onoe Tatsunosuke 0.1

The actor Onoe Eizaburô IV held the name of Onoe Tatsunosuke when he was a young boy.

Onoe Tatsunosuke I

The actor Onoe Tatsunosuke I held this name from May 1965 to March 1987.

Onoe Tatsunosuke I playing the role of Ono no Sadakurô in the 5th act of "Kanadehon Chûshingura"
Print courtesy of Castle Fine Arts, Inc. (all rights reserved)

Onoe Tatsunosuke II

The actor Onoe Shôroku IV held the name of Onoe Tatsunosuke II from May 1991 to April 2002.

The mon of Onoe Tatsunosuke II

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