Dance title Kagoya
Authors Sakurada Jisuke III (lyrics)
Kishizawa Shikisa V (music)
Nishikawa Minosuke (choreography)

The dance "Kagoya" was premiered in the 2nd lunar month of 1847at the Ichimuraza, as the 6th role of an 11-role hengemono "Kanadehon Chűshingura" (same title as the classic drama "Kanadehon Chűshingura"); each role, which was performed by Ichimura Uzaemon XII, was based on 1 act of "Chűshingura" [more details]. The role of the palanquin-bearer was based on the 6th act, "Kanpei Harakiri", in which Okaru is rushed out from Kanpei's home and sent to her brothel in a palanquin.

"Kagoya" is rarely-staged on Kabuki stages; since the end of World War II, we've found only two records of performances in ˘shibai between 1946 and 2006:

Date Theater The palanquin-bearer
1946/09 T˘ky˘ Gekij˘ (T˘ky˘) Band˘ Mitsugor˘ VII
2006/08 Kabukiza (T˘ky˘) Band˘ Mitsugor˘ X
Key words Shosagoto

A tattooed palanquin-bearer is taking a nap in his palanquin somewhere in Edo, waiting for a passenger. He dreams of the famous shichimai dance performances. He suddenly wakes up and jumps out of his palanquin, just as a Edo streets stray dog is about to seize his lunch. Capturing the dog, the palanquin-bearer starts to quarrel with it. He then picks up his walking staff and performs merry dances. At the end of the dances, the dog finally runs off with the lunch. The palanquin-bearer has to run after his lunch.

This summary would have not been possible without the help of Sekidobashi Sakura!

A Buy˘ dancer performing "Kagoya"

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