Real name: Terada Masayuki

Guild: Teshimaya

Birthday: 31 March 1940


Grandfather: Arashi Yoshisabur˘ IV

Father: Arashi Yoshisabur˘ V

Brother: Arashi Yoshisabur˘ VI


September 1948: he makes his first appearance on stage in a troupe of children-actors.

August 1959: he joins the Zenshinza troupe and takes the name of Arashi Keishi.

January 1964: Keishi becomes an official member of the Zenshinza troupe.

August 1983: Keishi plays the role of Shirafuji Genta in Tsuruya Nanboku IV's drama "Kachi Zum˘ Ukina no Hanabure", which is performed at the National Theatre. His stage partners are Kawarazaki Kunitar˘ V and Nakamura Umenosuke IV in the roles of Oshun and Gonsuke.

April 1992: Keishi receives the 47th Artistic Prize of the Japanese Government Cultural Agency (bunkach˘ geijutsusai sh˘) for his performance in the role of Ina Hanzaemon in the play "Ikaru Fuji".

May 2000: Keishi plays the role of Satsuma Gengobŕ in Namiki Gohei I's drama "Godairiki Koi no Fűjime", which is performed at the National Theatre to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the death of Kawarazaki Kunitar˘ V. His stage partners are Fujikawa Yanosuke (Sasano Sangobei) and Kawarazaki Kunitar˘ VI (Sakuraya Koman).


Arashi Keishi is a talented tachiyaku actor and one of the leaders of the second generation of actors of the Zenshinza troupe.

Arashi Keishi's best roles: the wicked priest Narukami ("Narukami"), Yohei ("Onna Goroshi Abura no Jigoku"), Kűgetsu ("Gedatsu no Kinu Momiji Kasane") and Ob˘ Kichisa ("Sannin Kichisa").

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