Stage names:

Nakamura Kichinoj˘ III In Japanese
Nakamura Kichinosuke III In Japanese
Nakamura Kichio In Japanese

Real name: Morishima Keisuke

Guild: Harimaya

Line number: SANDAIME (III)

Birthday: 31 March 1967


Masters: Nakamura Kichinoj˘ II, Nakamura Kichiemon II


31st of March 1967: born in T˘ky˘.

July 1978: he made his debut on stage at the Kabukiza, where he played the role of the decchi Ch˘ta in the drama "Kagamiyama Gonichi no Iwafuji".

March 1981: he became a disciple of Nakamura Kichiemon II.

April 1981: he received the name of Nakamura Kichio at the Kabukiza in the drama "Genroku Chűshingura".

April 1994: he became nadai and took the name of Nakamura Kichinosuke III at the Kabukiza, where he played the role of Suruga Jir˘ in both the dance-drama "Kanjinch˘" and the classic "Kumagai Jin'ya", which were staged within a special program commemorating the 1st anniversary (13th memorial service) of the passing away of Matsumoto Haku˘ and also celebrating the success at the nadai exam for the young star Ichikawa Somegor˘ VII.

September 1995: he became the geiy˘shi [1] of the actor Nakamura Kichinoj˘ II.

26 January 2014: his master Nakamura Kichinoj˘ II died.

September 2016: he joined the first league of Kabuki actors ("kanbu sh˘shin") and took the name of Nakamura Kichinoj˘ III at the Kabukiza, playing the roles of Yatsurugi Kageyu and a Genroku male in the classic "Ichij˘ ďkura Monogatari" and the dance "Genroku Hanami Odori".


Nakamura Kichinoj˘ III is a supporting tachiyaku actor of the Harimaya guild.

[1] A geiy˘shi is, more than a disciple, an adopted son from an artistic viewpoint but not in the civil status.

The Nakamura Kichinosuke line of actors

The Nakamura Kichinoj˘ line of actors

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