Dance title Makura Jid˘  In Japanese
Authors Kawataka Shinshichi II (lyrics)
Kineya Sh˘jir˘ III (music)

The current version of "Kikujid˘" was premiered in July 1892 at the Kabukiza, under the title "Makura Jid˘", starring the Meiji star Onoe Kikugor˘ V in the role of Kikujid˘.

Key words Shosagoto
Shinko Engeki Jűsshu

This song is based on the dance, "Makura Jid˘" ("Pillow Jid˘"). A young man named Jid˘ was under the special affection of the Emperor. Jid˘ is accused of stepping over the Emperor's pillow and flees deep into the mountains. While in the mountains, Jid˘ writes a Buddhist verse on a chrysanthemum leaf and recites it every morning. The dew from that chrysanthemum flower turns into a magical potion of eternal youth. With this potion, Jid˘ is able to maintain his youthful form for seven hundred years. As he remembers the days of old, he longs for the skies of the city. This dance is a tasteful mature performance with an old-fashioned air.

Source: Nihon Buy˘

The actor Onoe Kikugor˘ V playing the role of Kikujid˘ in the dance "Makura Jid˘",
which was staged in July 1892 at the Kabukiza
(print made by Utagawa Kunisada III)

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