Nakamura Kotarô I
  The actor Nakamura Utaemon V held the name of Nakamura Kotarô I from January 1875 to April 1881.
Nakamura Shikan IV and Nakamura Kotarô I playing the roles of Hidari no Jingorô and the courtesan Oguruma in the drama "Kyô Ningyô Hidarigatana", which was staged in March 1881 in Ôsaka at the Takashimaza (print made by Utagawa Sadanobu II)
Nakamura Kotarô II
  The actor Nakamura Fukusuke V held the name of Nakamura Kotarô II from July 1904 to March 1916.
Nakamura Kotarô III
  The actor Nakamura Utaemon VI held the name of Nakamura Kotarô III from October 1922 to October 1933.
Nakamura Kotarô IV
  The actor Nakamura Shikan VII held the name of Nakamura Kotarô IV from November 1933 to September 1941.
Nakamura Kotarô V
  The actor Nakamura Fukusuke IX held the name of Nakamura Kotarô V from April 1967 to March 1992.
Nakamura Kotarô V (courtesy of Curtis Knapp)
Nakamura Kotarô VI

Nakamura Kotarô VI is the current holder of the name since September 2000.

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