Stage name:

Sawamura Kuniya In Japanese

Real name: Yoshikawa Fumikazu

Guild: Kinokuniya

Birthday: 9 June 1978


Master: Sawamura T˘jűr˘ II


9 June 1978: born in Saitama Prefecture.

1987 ~ 1992: he was active in two performing troupes, the Gekidan T˘hai and the Otowa Gurűpu.

September 1988: he appeared on a Kabuki stage for the first time, in T˘ky˘ at the Kabukiza, where he played the role of a kosh˘ in the drama "K˘chiyama" [1].

May 1991: he played at the Kabukiza the role of the sword-holder Otowaka in the dance-drama "Kanjinch˘" [2], which was staged to celebrated the shűmei of Onoe Tatsunosuke II.

March 1995: he became disciple of Sawamura T˘jűr˘ II.

May 1995: first official stage appearance, in Kotohira at the Kanamaruza, where he received the name of Sawamura Kuniya and performed in the drama "Yoshidaya".

February 2010: he became nadai and celebrated it at the Kabukiza, where he performed in the drama "Kagotsurube".


Sawamura Kuniya is a promising onnagata/tachiyaku actor of the Kinokuniya guild. He often performs with the Nakamuraya guild.

[1] This drama was staged within a Kabuki program commemorating the 6th anniversary (7th memorial service) of the passing away of late Matsumoto Haku˘ I.

[2] The roles of Musashib˘ Benkei, Togachi Saemon and Minamoto no Yoshitsune were played by Ichikawa Danjűr˘ XII, Onoe Kikugor˘ VII and Onoe Tatsunosuke II.

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