Nakamura Denz˘ I

The actor Ichikawa Yaoz˘ II held the name of Nakamura Denz˘ I from 1751 to the 10th lunar month of 1763.

Nakamura Denz˘ I playing the role of Yoshida Takewakamaru in the new year sogamono drama "Koi Zakura Umewaka Soga", which was staged in the 1st lunar month of 1762 at the Moritaza

Nakamura Denz˘ II

The zamoto Nakamura Kanzabur˘ XI held the name of Nakamura Denz˘ II from 1773 to the 5th lunar month of 1777.

The name of Nakamura Denz˘ II in the koyaku section of the 1776 Edo hy˘banki (the zone within the red box)

Nakamura Denz˘ III

The zamoto Nakamura Kanzabur˘ XIII held the name of Nakamura Denz˘ III from 1830 to the 3rd lunar month of 1850.

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