Sakakiyama Danshir˘ I

The actor Sakakiyama Danshir˘ I held this name from the 12th lunar month of 1740 to the 10th lunar month of 1742, then from the 11th lunar month of 1743 to 1757.

Yamamoto Koheiji (left) and Sakakiyama Danshir˘ I (right) playing the roles of Jukkoku Danbŕ and Todoroki Shiganosuke in the kaomise drama "Ky˘ganoko Asahi no Nishiki", which was staged in the 11th lunar month of 1751 in Ky˘to at Miyako Handayű's theater

Sakakiyama Danshir˘ II
Sakakiyama Danshir˘ II  In Japanese

Dates of birth and death unknown. Unknown relationship with the Sakakiyama clan. A minor miyaji shibai actor named Sakakiyama Danshir˘ II was recorded in the 1778 Ky˘to hy˘banki. He performed male roles within the precincts of the Rokkakud˘ temple in Ky˘to. No record afterwards.

The name of Sakakiyama Danshir˘ II in the 1778 Ky˘to hy˘banki (the zone within the red box)

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