Stage names:

Ichikawa Shinjûrô IV In Japanese
Ichikawa Shinshichi In Japanese

Real name: Osakabe Nobuhiro

Guild: Naritaya

Line number: YODAIME (IV)

Birthday: 12 November 1969


Master: Ichikawa Danjûrô XII


March 1990: he graduates from the Actors Training Center of the National Theatre (tenth graduation).

April 1990: first stage appearance, at the National Theatre, where he plays in the drama "Keya-mura".

April 1991: he becomes disciple of Ichikawa Danjûrô XII and receives the name of Ichikawa Shinshichi.

May 2008: he becomes nadai and takes the name of Ichikawa Shinjûrô IV at the Kabukiza.

June 2010: Kabuki tour in Western Europe, in London at the Sadler's Wells (4~15 June) and in Roma at the Teatro di Roma-Argentina (21~22 June); Shinjûrô plays the role of Hayami no Tôta [more details].


Ichikawa Shinjûrô IV is a talented and faithful disciple of Ichikawa Danjûrô XII. His most notable performances in disciples study groups were the roles of Kumedera Danjô, Takebe Genzô, Fukuoka Mitsugi and Aoyama Harima in "Kenuki", "Terakoya", "Ise Ondo" and "Banchô Sarayashiki".

The Ichikawa Shinjûrô line of actors

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