Stage name:

Ichikawa Shinnosuke VIII In Japanese

Real name: Horikoshi Kangen

Guild: Naritaya

Birthday: 22 March 2013


Great-great-grandfather: Matsumoto Kshir VII

Great-grandfather: Ichikawa Danjr XI

Grandfather: Ichikawa Danjr XII

Father: Ichikawa Danjr XIII


3 February 2013: his grandfather Ichikawa Danjr XII died.

22 March 2013: Kangen was born in Tky.

November 2015: he made his first appearance on stage (omemie) at the Kabukiza, in the dance-drama "Edo no Hana Narita no Omokage". This dance-drama was staged in the usual November kaomise program, which commemorated the 50th anniversary of the passing away of Kangen's great-grandfather Ichikawa Danjr XI, who passed away the 10th of September 1965. Unfortunately this could not be a Naritaya 3-generation event as Kangen's grandfather Ichikawa Danjr XII passed away the 3rd of February 2013. It was the same for both Ichikawa Danjr XII and Ichikawa Ebiz XI, who made their omemie after the passing-away of their grandfather.

22nd of June 2017: his mother Kobayashi Mao died.

November 2022: his father Ichikawa Ebiz XI took the name of Ichikawa Danjr XIII at the Kabukiza; the young heir of the Naritaya guild made his hatsubutai and received the name of Ichikawa Shinnosuke VIII, playing the roles of the uir-seller (in reality Soga Gor Tokimune) and Fukuyama Katsugi in "Uir Uri" and "Sukeroku" [more details].

December 2022: his father Ichikawa Danjr XIII celebrated his second month of shmei at the Kabukiza and second month of hatsubutai for Shinnosuke; he played the role of Kumedera Danj in "Kenuki" [more details].


Ichikawa Shinnosuke VIII is the young heir of the Naritaya guild. He was expected to take the name of Ichikawa Shinnosuke VIII in June 2020 but the event was postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The mon (mimasu) of Ichikawa Shinnosuke VIII

The Ichikawa Shinnosuke line of actors

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