Stage names:

Nakamura Takanosuke In Japanese
Nakamura Dai In Japanese

Real name: Watanabe Dai

Guild: Tennōjiya

Blazon: Yattsu Yaguruma

Existence: 11 April 1999


Great-great-grandfather: Bandō Hikojūrō I

Great-grandfathers: Bandō Hikojūrō II, Ichimura Uzaemon XV

Grandfather: Nakamura Tomijūrō IV

Father: Nakamura Tomijūrō V


April 2001: debut on stage (hatsubutai) at the Kabukiza, where he receives the name of Nakamura Dai and makes a short appearance in the dance-drama "Shakkyō", which is performed by his father Nakamura Tomijūrō and Nakamura Shikan.

November 2005: he receives the name of Nakamura Takanosuke at the Kabukiza, playing the role of Ushiwakamaru in the dance-drama "Kuramayama Homare no Wakataka".

December 2008: Takanosuke plays at the Kabukiza the role of the yakko Takahei in the drama "Na-mo Takashi Homare no Ishikiri"; the role of Kajiwara Heizō Kagetoki is played by his father Nakamura Tomijūrō.

3 January 2011: his father Nakamura Tomijūrō dies.

January 2012: Takanosuke plays at the Shinbashi Enbujō the role of the shishi cub in the dance-drama "Renjishi", which is staged to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the passing away of Living National Treasure Nakamura Tomijūrō; the role of the shishi parent is played by Nakamura Kichiemon.


Nakamura Takanosuke is the young heir of the Tennōjiya guild.

The mon of Nakamura Takanosuke

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