Takeshiba Hyz I
Takeshiba Hyz I  In Japanese

Born in 1822. He started his career as a disciple of the writer Rytei Tanehiko and his first pen name was Rytei Umehiko. He wrote yomihon, gesaku and kyka. He belonged to the kyka circles centered around Kanagaki Robun. He held many artistic or pen names : Shibagaki Kibun, Buntei Umehiko, Shen Umehiko, Yomo Umehiko, Kygetsusha, Shun'ytei, Matsuzono Umehiko, Shen Shujin or Yanagiya Umehiko. He also became a disciple of Kawatake Shinshichi II, was trained as a sakusha and received the name of Takeshiba Hyz I. He was active as a sakusha from 1859 to the beginning of 1896. His most notable creation was the writing of the lyrics of the Nagauta-based dance-drama "Genrokuf Hanami Odori", which was staged in June 1878 at the Shintomiza for the opening of this new theater. He died the 8th of November 1896. His honmy was Yomo Shinji.

The name of Takeshiba Hyz I in a 1896 Meijiza banzuke (the name within the red box)

Takeshiba Hyz II
Takeshiba Hyz II  In Japanese

Dates of birth and death unknown. Disciple of Kawatake Shinshichi III, he received the name of Takeshiba Hyz II. He was active from the end of the 1890s to 1903. He became sanmaime sakusha in 1899. His most notable work was on the drama "Hige Otoko Senj Banashi", which was staged in March 1902 at the Meijiza. No record afterwards.

The name of Takeshiba Hyz II in a 1899 Meijiza banzuke (the name within the red box)

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