Mimasu Inemaru I
Mimasu Inemaru I  In Japanese

Born in ďsaka in 1834. He was the son of the painter Nishikawa Kuniharu and the grandson of the star Kataoka Nizaemon VII. His brothers were Kataoka Gat˘ II and Kataoka Ichiz˘ III. He started his career in 1840 as a disciple of the actor Mimasu Daigor˘ IV, who gave him the name of Mimasu Inemaru I. He made a short but quite successful career on the stages in ďsaka or Ky˘to, in ˘shibai or hama shibai. He appeared on stage for the last time in the 3rd lunar month of 1858, at the Minamigawa no Shibai, where he played the role of Omiwa in the classic "Imoseyama Onna Teikin". He also played the roles of Sadasuke, Shirai Gonpachi and Banzuiin Ch˘bŕ in "Edo Shiire". He unfortunately fell ill and died the 27th of the 4th lunar month of 1858 [3]. He was able to play a wide range of roles, either as a tachiyaku or an onnagata. He was said to excel in wagoto and jitsugoto.

Haimy˘ Yag˘
Baish˘ Ky˘masuya

Mimasu Inemaru I playing the role of Ky˘ya Jűzabur˘ in the drama "T˘t˘migata Koi no Shiranami", which was staged in the 8th lunar month of 1852 at the Chikugo no Shibai (print made by Utagawa Hirosada)

Mimasu Inemaru II
Mimasu Baish˘  In Japanese | Mimasu Inemaru II  In Japanese | Onoe Utajaku [1]  In Japanese (or Nakamura Utawaka [1]  In Japanese ?)

Dates of birth and death unknown. The first stage name of this Kamigata actor was Onoe Utajaku [1]. He became a disciple of Mimasu Daigor˘ V in 1864 and received the name of Mimasu Inemaru II. He took the name of Mimasu Baish˘ in 1867 and was active up to 1884. No record afterwards.

Mimasu Inemaru III
Mimasu Baish˘  In Japanese | Mimasu Inemaru III  In Japanese | Jitsukawa Momonosuke  In Japanese | Onoe Matsunosuke I  In Japanese | Onoe Kamesabur˘  In Japanese

Born in Ky˘to in 1858. He started his career in 1863 in ďsaka, becoming at a very young age a disciple of the actor Onoe Sh˘roku and receiving the names of Onoe Kamesabur˘ and Onoe Matsunosuke I. He joined the Jitsukawa clan in February 1874, under the patronage of Jitsukawa Yaoz˘ I, taking the name of Jitsukawa Momonosuke. His marriage created a bound to Kataoka Ichiz˘ III, who was the brother of Mimasu Inemaru I. He was allowed to take the name of Mimasu Inemaru III in 1888. He took the name of Mimasu Baish˘ in Nagoya in 1900. He appeared on stage for the last time, at the Engiza, in July 1901, playing the roles of Samonnosuke and Yahei in the dramas "Fud˘ Mankichi" and "Takada no Adauchi". He died in T˘ky˘ the 22nd of August 1901.

Haimy˘ Yag˘
Baish˘ Ky˘masuya, Sakuraiya, Izutsuya

Mimasu Inemaru III playing the role of Itan Sazen in the drama "Eh˘ Narita Koyomi no Mankichi" which was staged in February 1899 at the Ichimuraza (print made by K˘ch˘r˘ H˘sai)

Mimasu Inemaru IV [2]

The actor Ichikawa Komaz˘ held the name of Mimasu Inemaru IV before 1913.

Mimasu Inemaru V [2]
Mimasu Inemaru V  In Japanese | Mimasu Inesh˘  In Japanese

Dates of birth and death unknown. Was he a disciple of Mimasu Inemaru IV? His first stage name was Mimasu Inesh˘. He received the name of Mimasu Inemaru V in 1912 and was active up to 1924. No record afterwards. His yag˘ was Ky˘masuya.

[1] In Nojima Jusabur˘'s book "Kabuki Jinmei Jiten", his first stage name was Nakamura Utawaka (Utajaku or Kajaku?). In the latest edition (2012) of "Kabuki Haiyű Meiseki Benran", he was named Onoe Utajaku (or Onoe Kajaku?).

[2] He was never recorded in Nojima Jusabur˘'s book "Kabuki Jinmei Jiten" but he was recorded in the latest edition (2012) of "Kabuki Haiyű Meiseki Benran".

[3] The 27th of the 4th lunar month of the 5th year of the Ansei era was the 8th of June 1735 in the western calendar.

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