Nakamura Kamon 0.1
Nakamura Kamon 0.1  In Japanese | Sanogawa Hanazuma IV  In Japanese | Bandô Hanazuma  In Japanese | Nakayama Ujinosuke  In Japanese

Dates of birth and death unknown. He started his career in Kamigata, performing under the name of Nakayama Ujinosuke (relationship to the Nakayama clan not clear). He became a disciple of Bandô Jutarô I and received the name of Bandô Hanazuma. He went to Edo with his master and 19 others Kamigata actors (including Ôtani Tomoemon II and Nakayama Bungorô I). They performed at the Moritaza in the dramas "Tomoyobi Kawasu Shimabara no Saiken" and "Ise Ondo Koi no Netaba". He took the name of Sanogawa Hanazuma IV in the 6th lunar month of 1812, playing at the Moritaza the role of Osen in the drama "Yukihira Isonare Matsu". He went back to Ôsaka in Summer 1813 and performed in Kamigata up to 1817. In the 3rd lunar month of 1817, he went to Edo with 12 others Kamigata actors, a troupe led by the stars Kataoka Nizaemon VII and Bandô Jűtarô. Hanazuma played at the Kiriza the role of Sonogiku in the drama "Shinbutai Megumi no Ishizue", which celebrated the reopening of this hikae yagura. Then he went on tour in Nagoya and Ise before going back to Kamigata. He became a disciple of Nakamura Utaemon III at the end of the 1820s and took the name of Nakamura Kamon. Later on, he joined Nakamura Tomijűrô II and ended his career in tabi shibai.

Nakamura Kamon I

The actor Nakamura Nakasuke III held the name of Nakamura Kamon I from November 1911 to October 1936.

Nakamura Kamon II

The actor Nakamura Kamon II held this name from August 1955 to December 1989.

The mon of Nakamura Kamon II

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