Stage names:

Nakamura Kamon II In Japanese
Ichikawa Kikunosuke In Japanese
Ichikawa Kotonosuke In Japanese
Nakamura Fukuen In Japanese

Real name: Machida Masaru

Guild: Komamuraya

Line number: NIDAIME (II)

Poetry name: Hanatsuma

Existence: 15 November 1911 ~ 11 December 1989


Masters: Nakamura Utaemon VI, Ichikawa Ennosuke II, Nakamura Utaemon V

Brother-in-law: Nakamura Kan'emon III


15 November 1911: born in T˘ky˘ in the district of Shitaya. His father was the rakugo storyteller Danjűr˘ Enshi II [1]. His elder sister became the spouse of Nakamura Kan'emon III.

April 1925: he made his debut on stage, in T˘ky˘ at the Kabukiza as a disciple of Nakamura Utaemon V, who gave him the name of Nakamura Fukuen.

Second half of the 1920s ~ first half of the 1930s: he joined Ichikawa Ennosuke II and received the name of Ichikawa Kotonosuke at unknown times. He left the Kabuki world to work in the movie world.

December 1933: he joined the Zenshinza troupe and took the name of Ichikawa Kikunosuke.

August 1955: he took the name of Nakamura Kamon II [2].

1965: he left the Zenshinza troupe.

April 1966: he became disciple of Nakamura Utaemon VI.

February 1979: revision by Uno Nobuo at the Shinbashi Enbuj˘ of Sakurada Jisuke III's drama "Sanzes˘ Nishiki Bunsh˘"; Kamon played the role of Enma Dai˘ [casting].

January 1985: Kamon played at the Kabukiza the roles of the doctor D˘an and Shimaya Kinbŕ in the dramas "Fűin Giri" and "Nezumi Koz˘ Jirokichi".

Feburary 1985: Kamon played at the Shinbashi Enbuj˘ the role of the evil old woman Yamane in the drama "Chűj˘ Hime Koseki no Matsu"; the roles of Princess Chűj˘ and Teruhi-no-Mae were played by Nakamura Kotar˘ V and Nakamura Tomijűr˘ V.

March 1985: Kamon appeared on stage for the last time, in T˘ky˘ at the Kabukiza, where he played the roles of the farmer Yoneji and Lord Akimoto, kami of Tajima, in the drama "Higashiyama Sakura S˘shi".

11 December 1989 [3]: Kamon died.


Nakamura Kamon II made a 60-year long career as a supporting actor. After almost 22 years at the service of the Zenshinza troupe, he spent his latter years, from 1966 to 1985, in ˘shibai. He was able to perform a wide range of supporting roles

[1] Danjűr˘ Enshi II was a disciple of Kingor˘ Kosan II who was a disciple of Danjűr˘ Enshi I who was a friend of Ichikawa Danjűr˘ IX. This explains this original Kabuki-related family name of Danjűr˘.

[2] Nakamura Kan'emon III's older brother Nakamura Nakasuke III held the name of Nakamura Kamon I from November 1911 to October 1936.

[3] Nakamura Kamon II died 81 days after his brother-in-law Nakamura Kan'emon III, who passed away the 21st of September 1989.

Nakamura Kamon II

The Nakamura Kamon line of actors

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