Pen names:

Takeshiba Kisui In Japanese
Takeshiba Shinz˘ In Japanese
Noshi Shinz˘ In Japanese

Real name: Okada Shinz˘

Existence: 1847 ~ 7 February 1923


Masters: Kawatake Mokuami, Sakurada Jisuke III


1847: born in Edo. His father was a carpenter. Later, he was adopted in the family of a lumber wholesaler living and working in the district of Ky˘bashi in Edo.

1873: he becomes disciple of Kawatake Shinshichi II and changes his name to Takeshiba Shinz˘.

1884: he becomes tatesakusha.

1887: he takes the name of Takeshiba Kisui. Kisui is the haimy˘ of his master Kawatake Mokuami.

March 1890: premiere at the Kiriza of Kisui's drama "Kami no Megumi Wag˘ no Torikumi" [more details].

July 1890: premiere at the Shintomiza of "Kiyomasa Seichűroku", a revision by Kawatake Shinshichi III and Kisui of the 1875 drama "Minori no Aki Seish˘ Denki". It was part of a special 2-day gala program starring Ichikawa Danjűr˘ IX [more details].

November 1893: premiere at the Meijiza of Kisui's drama "T˘yama Zakura Tenp˘ Nikki" [more details].

October 1898: premiere at the Meijiza of Kisui's dance-drama "Sannin Katawa" [casting].

7 February 1923: Kisui dies in T˘ky˘


Takeshiba Kisui was a Meiji and Taish˘ playwright who created around 70 dramas and had a strong work relationship with the Meiji star Ichikawa Sadanji I. Only two of Takeshiba Kisui's works are still (more or less) regularly staged: the drama "Megumi no Kenka" and the dance-drama "Sannin Katawa". "T˘yama Zakura Tenp˘ Nikki" was revived in December 2008 at the National Theatre.

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