Dance title Sannin Katawa  In Japanese
Authors Takeshiba Kisui (lyrics)
Kishizawa Koshikibu V (music)
Hanayagi Jusuke I (choreography)

The dance-drama "Sannin Katawa" was premiered in October 1898 at the Meijiza [casting].

Key words Shosagoto
Omodaka Jűshu

This comical dance is about a group of three people pretending to be disabled: the girl Omaki pretends to be deaf and mute, while Tar˘suke and Hannoj˘ pretend to be a crawling cripple and blind man. They are hired out of charity by a daimy˘. One day, their master being out, these three pretended-disabled people drink his sake. The daimy˘ returns to his mansion and is shocked to discover what the three drunkards have done. It creates a moment of extreme confusion and Omaki, Tar˘suke and Hannoj˘ forget about their pretended-disability: Omaki acts like a cripple while Tar˘suke and Hannoj˘ play the blind man and the deaf man. Their master finally succeeded in chasing them away from his mansion.

An illustration for the performance of "Sannin Katawa" in June 1921 in Nagoya at the Suehiroza

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