Muraoka Kji I

The sakusha Muraoka Kji I held this name from the 11th lunar month of 1780 to 1808.

The name of Muraoka Kji I in a 1802 Edo hybanki (the zone within the red box)

Muraoka Kji II
Muraoka Kji II  In Japanese | Mura Kanji  In Japanese | Mura Kanji  In Japanese | Mura Kanshi I  In Japanese

Dates of birth and death unknown. His first pen name was Mura Kanshi I. He was recorded as working at the Ichimuraza in 1838. He took the name of Mura Kanji and worked in the 11th lunar month of 1849 at the Nakamuraza on the classic "Imoseyama Onna Teikin". He changed the first ideogram of his first name in 1855 and worked in the 3rd lunar month of 1855 at the Ichimuraza on the drama "Kagamiyama Gonichi no Ishibumi". He finlly took the name of Muraoka Kji II and worked in the 2nd lunar month of 1864 at the Moritaza on the drama "Kinoene Soga Daikoku Bashira". He was recorded for the last time in October 1875, when he worked at the Shinboriza. No record afterwards.

The name of Muraoka Kji II in a 1864 Moritaza ehon banzuke (the zone within the red box)

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