The actor Sanjô Kantarô II in an illustration from the 1st volume of the book "Sangoku Rôei Kyôbutai" (1731)
Courtesy of the Main Library, Kyôto University - Sangoku Rôei Kyôbutai
Image slightly edited by Shôriya Aragorô (reuse rules)

Ichikawa Ebizô II (1st from left), Arashi Koroku I (2nd from left), Ôtani Oniji I (2nd from right) and Hanai Saizaburô III (1st from right) playing the roles of Watari Shinzaemon, Kokonoe, Ômori Hikoshichi and Sagami no Jirô in the kaomise drama "Tenchi Taiheiki", which was staged in the 11th lunar month of 1746 at the Nakamuraza

The name and the mon of Hanai Saizaburô III (in the space within the red box) in a banzuke printed for the staging of the kaomise drama "Tenchi Taiheiki" at the Nakamuraza in the 11th lunar month of 1746

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