Stage names:

Segawa Tomisabur˘ II In Japanese
Yamashita Matsunoj˘ In Japanese

Guild: Hamamuraya

Line number: NIDAIME (II)

Poetry name: Roch˘

Existence: ??? ~ 11th day of the 3rd lunar month of 1804


Master: Segawa Senjo


1772: debut in Edo as an iroko at the Nakamuraza; his first stage name is Yamashita Matsunoj˘.

1780: he becomes wakaonnagata.

1784: he becomes a disciple of Segawa Kikunoj˘ III.

11th lunar month of 1784: Yamashita Matsunoj˘ takes the name of Segawa Tomisabur˘ II at the Kiriza, performing with his master in the kaomise drama "Jűni Hitoe Komachi Zakura".

9th lunar month of 1792: Tomisabur˘ plays at the Ichimuraza the role of Hinadori in the drama "Imoseyama Onna Teikin"; the role of Koganosuke is played by Ichikawa Danjűr˘ VI.

7th lunar month: premiere at the Miyakoza of the drama "Keisei Sanbon Karakasa"; Tomisabur˘ plays the role of the keisei T˘yama [more details].

11th lunar month of 1794: Tomisabur˘ performs at the Miyakoza; his yearly salary drops from 430 ry˘ to 350 ry˘ (this is a general salary cut for all Edo actors).

1st lunar month of 1804: Tomisabur˘'s rank in the Edo hy˘banki, wakaonnagata section, is j˘-j˘-(shiro)hankichi (superior - superior - (white) half excellent) [visual].

2nd lunar month of 1804: Tomisabur˘ appears on stage for the last time, in Edo at the Nakamuraza, where he plays the role of Otomi in the drama "Makari Demura Tasuke-ni Kisaragi".

11th day of the 3rd lunar month of 1804: Tomisabur˘ dies in Edo.


Segawa Tomisabur˘ II was a popular supporting onnagata actor, who was active in Edo from the beginning of the 1770s to the beginning of the 1800s. His forte were musume and keisei roles.

Segawa Tomisabur˘ II playing the role of Yadorigi in the drama "Hana Ayame Bunroku Soga", whose plot and characters belong to the "Kameyama no Adauchi" world and which was staged in the 5th lunar month of 1794 in Edo at the Miyakoza (print made by T˘shűsai Sharaku)

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The Segawa Tomisabur˘ line of actors

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