Onoe Taganoj˘ I

The actor Onoe Taganoj˘ I held this name from 1690 to 1697.

Onoe Taganoj˘ I

Onoe Taganoj˘ 1.2

A wakaonnagata actor held the name of Onoe Taganoj˘ in Ky˘to from 1707 to 1711.

Onoe Taganoj˘ II

The actor Onoe Taganoj˘ II held this name from the 8th lunar month of 1866 to June 1899.

Onoe Taganoj˘ II playing the role of Otoku in the drama "Domo Mata"

Onoe Taganoj˘ III

The actor Onoe Taganoj˘ III held this name from June 1927 to June 1978.

Onoe Taganoj˘ III playing the role of Oshizu in the dance-drama "Futa Omote Mizu ni Terutsuki", which was staged in September 1927 at the Kabukiza

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