Dance titles Toshima  In Japanese
Hana Goyomi Iro no Showake  In Japanese
Authors Sakurada Jisuke III (lyrics)
Kishizawa Shikisa V (music)

The actor Nakamura Utaemon IV performed in the 3rd lunar month of 1839 at the Nakamuraza a 8-role hengemono, which was entitled "Hana Goyomi Iro no Showake". One of these eight roles, a middle-aged woman, survived and became the dance "Toshima".

Key words Shosagoto

It is spring time and a beautiful middle-aged woman, who used to be a geisha of the Fukagawa District, comes out from inside a palanquin along the river bank of the Sumida River amidst the falling flower blossoms. As she performs this elegant dance, she tells the tale of the days past when she used to be a geisha, such as the joys of love and the fight with other geishas over a customer. Through these tales, she portrays the flirtatious heart of a loved one.

Source: Nihon Buyô

The actor Nakamura Utaemon IV performing the role of a toshima in the hengemono "Hana Goyomi Iro no Showake", which was staged in the 3rd lunar month of 1839 at the Nakamuraza (print made by Utagawa Kuniyoshi)

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