Stage names:

Arashi Yoshisaburô VII In Japanese
Arashi Hironari In Japanese

Real name: Terada Hiromi

Guild: Teshimaya

Birthday: 13 January 1965


Great-grandfather: Arashi Yoshisaburô IV

Grandfathers: Arashi Yoshisaburô V, Kawarasaki Kunitarô V

Father: Arashi Yoshisaburô VI

Brother: Kawarasaki Kunitarô VI


December 1970: he made his first appearance on stage at the Shinbashi Enbujô, performing in "Ame Agaru".

14 November 1977: his grandfather Arashi Yoshisaburô V died.

April 1986: he joined the Zenshinza troupe and took the name of Arashi Hironari.

April 1990: Arashi Hironari became an official member of the Zenshinza troupe.

22 August 1996: his father Arashi Yoshisaburô VI died.

May 2010: Arashi Hironari took the name of Arashi Yoshisaburô VII at the National Theatre, playing the role of Yosaburô in the drama "Musume Gonomi Ukina no Yokogushi"; the role of Yosaburô's lover Otomi was played by his brother Kawarasaki Kunitarô VI.


Arashi Yoshisaburô VII is a young and promising tachiyaku actor of the third generation of actors of the Zenshinza troupe.

Arashi Yoshisaburô VII's best roles: Yohê ("Onna Goroshi Abura no Jigoku"), Itamiya Tanjirô ("Shisenryô Koban no Ume-no-Ha"), Ushiwakamaru ("Ushiwakamaru"/"Heike Nyogo no Shima") and Hata no Hidetarô ("Kenuki").

Arashi Yoshisaburô VII

The Arashi Yoshisaburô line of actors

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