Nakamura Baigyoku I

The Kamigata star Nakamura Utaemon III held the name of Nakamura Baigyoku I for a few performances in 1826.

Nakamura Baigyoku I in a print made by Utagawa Shigeharu in 1830

Nakamura Baigyoku II

The actor Nakamura Baigyoku II held this name from October 1907 to June 1921.

Nakamura Baigyoku II playing the role of Senju in the drama "Goban Taiheiki", which was staged in November 1920 at the Shintomiza

Nakamura Baigyoku III

The actor Nakamura Baigyoku III held this name from January 1935 to March 1948.

Nakamura Baigyoku III playing the role of Tonase in the michiyuki "Michiyuki Tabiji no Yomeiri", which was staged in June 1936 at the Tky Gekij

Nakamura Baigyoku IV
  The actor Nakamura Baigyoku IV is the current holder of the name since April 1992.
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