Stage names:

Nakamura Baigyoku II In Japanese
Nakamura Fukusuke III In Japanese
Mimasu Tanin VII In Japanese
Nakamura Tamaz˘ In Japanese
Nakamura Kikutar˘ In Japanese
Fujioka Kikutar˘ In Japanese

Real name: Sasaki Norikazu

Guild: Takasagoya

Line number: NIDAIME (II)

Poetry name: Sanjaku

Existence: 28th day of the 12th lunar month of 1841 [1] ~ 8 June 1921


Masters: Nakamura Fukusuke II, Nakamura Tamashichi I, Fujioka Sengiku

Adoptive father: Mimasu Daigor˘ V

Adopted son: Nakamura Baigyoku III

Disciples: Nakamura Tamashichi II, Nakamura Fukuen, Nakamura Fukunosuke IV


1848: he started his career in hama shibai as a disciple of the onnagata actor Fujioka Sengiku and received the name of Fujioka Kikutar˘.

1850: he became disciple of the actor Nakamura Tamashichi I, who gave him the name of Nakamura Kikutar˘.

1854: he took the name of Nakamura Tamaz˘.

15th day of the 2nd lunar month of 1860 [2]: his master Nakamura Tamashichi I died.

1865: Mimasu Daigor˘ V, who has lost his only son, adopted Tamaz˘ and gave him the name of Mimasu Tanin VII.

1867: he became disciple of Nakamura Fukusuke II, who had just settled in ďsaka.

6th day of the 8th lunar month of 1867 [3]: his master Nakamura Fukusuke II died.

3rd lunar month of 1868: Mimasu Tanin VII took the name of Nakamura Fukusuke III (Takasagoya guild). An adopted son of Nakamura Shikan IV, belonging to the Narikomaya guild, took the same name and the same line number in Edo at the same time. This unusual situation was validated by the Kabuki world and the two Fukusuke lines coexisted for more than 100 years, from 1868 to 1969, from the third to the fifth generations.

October 1873: premiere at the Chikugo no Shibai of Katsu Genz˘ II's drama "Kimi-wa-Fune Nami no Uwajima"; Fukusuke played the roles of Yanbe Seibŕ and the yakko D˘suke [casting].

1 November 1873: his adopted father Mimasu Daigor˘ V died.

October 1881: premiere at the Ebisuza of Katsu Genz˘ III's drama "Ogasawara Shorei no Oku no Te"; Fukusuke played the roles of Ogasawara Haito, the yakko Kikuhei (in reality the fox of Mt. My˘jin) and Ohaya [casting].

June 1898: the play "R˘ben Sugi no Yurai", which was originally written for the puppet theater and staged for the first time in February 1887 in ďsaka, was adapted for Kabuki for the first time and staged at the Minamiza; Fukusuke played the role of R˘ben's mother Nagisa-no-Kata [more details].

October 1907: Nakamura Fukusuke III and his adopted son Nakamura Masajir˘ II took the respective names of Nakamura Baigyoku II and Nakamura Fukusuke IV in ďsaka at the Kadoza; the new Baigyoku played the roles of Sakuramaru and Chiyo in the classic "Sugawara Denju Tenarai Kagami". Baigyoku was a haimy˘ used by the great star Nakamura Utaemon III. Premiere at the Kadoza of Watanabe Katei's chűshinguramono "Tsuchiya Chikara"; Baigyoku played the role of Takarai Kikaku [more details].

June 1921: Baigyoku appeared on stage for the last time, in K˘be at the Chű˘ Gekij˘.

8 June 1921: Baigyoku died.


Nakamura Baigyoku II was a kaneru yakusha, excelling in both jidaimono and sewamono. He performed a lot with the Kamigata stars Jitsukawa Enjaku I and Nakamura Ganjir˘ I.

[1] The 28th day of the 12th lunar month of the 12th year of the Tenp˘ era was the 8th of February 1841 in the western calendar.

[2] The 15th day of the 2nd lunar month of the 7th year of the Ansei era was the 7th of March 1860 in the western calendar.

[3] The 6th day of the 8th lunar month of the 3rd year of the Kei˘ era was the 3rd of September 1867 in the western calendar.

Nakamura Baigyoku II playing the role of the warrior Kumagai Jir˘ Naozane in the drama "Genpei Sakigake Tsutsuji", commonly called "ďgiya Kumagai" (K˘be 1915)

The Mimasu Tanin line of actors

The Nakamura Fukusuke line of actors

The Nakamura Baigyoku line of actors

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