Play title Ninj Banashi Bunshichi Mottoi  In Japanese
Authors Enokido Kenji
San'ytei Ench

"Bunshichi Mottoi" was a famous Rakugo story created by San'ytei Ench. It was adapted to the stage for the first time in February 1891 and staged in saka at the Naka Gekij under the title "Bunshichi Mottoi Seiwa no Shashin", starring Kataoka Gat III and Nakamura Kasen I in the roles of Chb and Bunshichi. The playwright Enokido Kenji wrote a new script in 1902, which was entitled "Ninj Banashi Bunshichi Mottoi" and was staged in October at the Kabukiza [casting].

Key words Miuke

The plasterer Chb has ruined himself by gambling and drinking. He refuses to work and finally his daughter Ohisa decides to sell herself for 50 ry to help cover household expenses. At the Kadoebi, the brothel to which his daughter is going to be sold, he becomes very embarrassed as Kadoebi's madam Okoma, who sympathizes with his dutiful daughter, offers him a loan on condition that he quits drinking and gambling. On his way home Chb runs into Bunshichi who is going to commit suicide because he has lost 50 ry of his shop's money. Hearing Bunshichi's story, Chb sympathizes with him and finally gives the 50 ry to him, saying life is more important than money. When Chb gets home, his wife Okane does not believe his explanation of what happened and they get into a big quarrel. In the middle of their quarrel Bunshichi and his master, Seib, come to thank Chb for his help. He says that the money he thought he had lost had, in fact, been left behind at a customer's residence. As a result the money was returned to Seib. He was so impressed by Chb's humanity and his daughter's devotion to her parents that he redeems her and suggests that she and Bunshichi get married. With the blessings of everyone around them, the young couple makes plans to live together and to work towards Bunshichi's dream of opening his own mottoi shop.

This summary has been written by Watanabe Hisao, edited by Jeff Blair and Shriya Aragor [website]

Ichimura Kakitsu VI and Onoe Kikugor V playing the roles of Bunshichi and Chb in the drama "Ninj Banashi Bunshichi Mottoi", which was staged in October 1902 at the Kabukiza (print made by Kchr Hsai)

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