Stage names:

Ichikawa Omez˘ VI In Japanese
Ichikawa Otora VI In Japanese

Real name: Arakawa Kinji

Guild: Takinoya

Line number: ROKUDAIME (VI)

Birthday: 9 October 1967


Great-grandfather: Ichikawa Monnosuke VI

Grandfather: Ichikawa Sadanji III

Father: Ichikawa Sadanji IV

Son: Ichikawa Otora VII


January 1973: first appearance on stage at the Kabukiza in the play "Sakaya".

February 1974: he receives the name of Ichikawa Otora VI at the Kabukiza by playing the roles of Umekichi and Michimaro in the plays "Tanuki" and "T˘daiki".

May 2003: Ichikawa Otora VI takes at the Kabukiza the name of Ichikawa Omez˘ VI by playing the roles of Dejiri Seibŕ, Narita Gor˘ and a bonze in the dramas "Kiwametsuki Banzuiin Ch˘bŕ", "Shibaraku" and "Kappore". His son makes his first stage appearance, receiving the name of Ichikawa Otora VII and playing the roles of Ch˘bŕ's son Ch˘matsu and the little apprentice Ch˘matsu in the plays "Kiwametsuki Banzuiin Ch˘bŕ" and "Kamiyui Shinza".

November 2005: t˘shi ky˘gen revival at the National Theatre of the drama "Ehon Taik˘ki"; Omez˘ plays the role of Sat˘ Masakiyo [casting].

August 2009: 2nd Kabuki program with Kataoka Ainosuke as zagashira at the Eirakukan, a renovated traditional theater built in the city of Toyooka (prefecture of Hy˘go) [more details].


Ichikawa Omez˘ VI is a young and promising tachiyaku, excelling in aragoto roles.
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The mon of Ichikawa Omez˘ VI

The Ichikawa Otora line of actors

The Ichikawa Omez˘ line of actors

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