Arashi Rishô I

The actor Mimasu Gengorô II held the name of Arashi Rishô I during the Bunkyû era (up to 1864).

Arashi Rishô II
Arashi Rishô II  In Japanese | Arashi Rikimaru II  In Japanese

Born in 1849. Disciple of Arashi Rikan IV, his first stage name was Arashi Rikimaru II. He took the name of Arashi Rishô II in 1872. He went on tour in Summer 1881 in Ise with Nakamura Jakuemon II. He appeared on stage for the last time in Ôsaka in February 1886 but unfortunately fell ill and died the 5th of April 1886. His guilds (yagô) were Komuraya and Tachibanaya. He was the father of Nakamura Jakuemon III and Azuma Tôzô VI.

Arashi Rishô II

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